Friday, March 27, 2015

Travis Park Dinner en Blanco

Happy anniversary to Travis Park of San Antonio!

What an amazingly beautiful night in alllll white and artful in the downtown park life.  Who knew there would be such a quaint park in THE middle of the city like that?!?!?

I met some of the most wonderful people,  pictures galore taken by Fabian Villa of Essentials Studio
Frederick A Gonzalez from the City of San Antonio. (

City of San Antonio

And who could forget the classy  "always a girl" wistful lady Ruth Medellin of RMG Partners of San Antonio

And fellas,  the ladies were out and gorgeous dressed in all white! All people,  families,  young souls and old souls alike should check out Travis park events.  Over 400 events during the year! !!! You gotta check out at least 100.

Travis Park Association has done fabulous and i hope you check them out soon. 

Until next time weekenders...

Adventure on!


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