Tuesday, April 7, 2015

H-town Wanderer

I gotta ease yall into this venture here.

Houston broke my feet.

I mean,  I didn't think I could tucker  myself out, but I did. I did all that I  thought the city had with my strict time table...I guess I'll be visiting again.
So as I ran amuck in the theater district, tall somber cellist of white stone graced my ears with beautiful music amidst the traffic behind me.  He was the serene beginning.
Then onto the Buffalo Bayou park,  I won't say where, but you can make the water burp and scare the cahoots out of people. Lol,  so Bart like.  It's a great art installation by Dean Ruck. (Classic)
I didn't stop there,  I needed to get a bit more educational with my adventure so i decided to go see some stone cold dead guys. And I mean DEAD. 
SOOOOO I came upon this crazy stone yard filled with presidents heads and of all people Charlie Chaplin towering over everybody!  It was crypt creepy as smog. A serious roadie attraction to get caught into seeing with Saint Arnold Brewery right around the corner! 
You know I can't forget about the brews.

Oh and all this was free. I'm cheap so it happened with the wallet in mind. That's why I have so much fun.  Free.  Free allows more absurd adventures.

Which in the next Houston venture you must read of you like the following: better beer, yoga,  baseball,  and seeing my worn out eyeballs from the conference & touring.

Holla to my new followers!  Glad to see you are up for the adventure!

Cheers ☺

Venture On,
Jess B

P.S.: Free views of the city at JP Morgan Tower or at the Hilton of the Americas. Spectacular.

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