Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Soul Story: John Moses, Musician

Your City. Your Life. Your Adventure. A place can make your soul want to dedicate more than what is usual to make your existence a passion, and others wanting to be a part of it. For John Moses his passion came from a place of home. Music is his heart and creating for people in his home of Texas, being influenced by ones closest to him proves a Soul Story of influential vibes. 

Check out his Soul Story:

What drew your Soul to music?  
   -My father introduced me to music. He has been a musician all his life. When I was young I was always at his band practices. Our family grew up playing as a worship band till I eventually ventured into my own music.

When did you know?  
   -I knew l was meant to create music after I realized how much I enjoyed the art behind creating music and the joy it brought others when they heard my original work. Besides my son, nothing makes me happier than composing a melody with the lyrics colliding sweetly. 

The first tune you learned?  
    -The first tune I learned was the Jurassic Park theme song on the piano. 

If 3 songs could represent who you are what would they be and why?  
   1. Wheel by John Mayer - I feel like song is speaking right through me. Life is a circle, and when it goes south, it will come right back up again. It is a simple concept that maintains my happiness. 
   2. Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson - I live every moment of my life looking in the mirror and always will. How can I be better and what do I need to do to continue to make my life a happy life.  
   3. Doing It Wrong - Drake - Until recently, I found myself continuously in unwanted relationships.They were built on circumstances versus "love". The lyrics in this song was my thought process for a long time and it is a constant reminder on why I rather wait till the right time.

Right before the curtain rises, what goes through your mind?  
   -I leave my mind completely blank. I allow the moment to happen and embrace the joy. 

Is San Antonio, or another place, the root of why you sing? Why there?  
 -I started singing when I was young. My grandpa is a pastor of a church in Weslaco,Texas and that is where it all began. It was fun and I was horrible. But I did it pure heartedly. 

What is your fondest memory of music and what song brings it home to you?  
   -When I was young my friend Robert took me to a Third Day concert. There was a moment when the lights went out in the climax of there version of "Hallelujah",  my heart stopped. When the music came back on full blast I was mesmerized. 

What are your main impulses to write music? 
   -It varies on melody and lyrics. Some things I have and a melody pops into my head. I think about the mood it puts me in, then develop lyrics to support the mood. Sometimes I think of lyrics and develop a sound to encompass my words. It is such a wonderful feeling when it starts coming together. 

In which way does writing and reading about music change the way it is perceived by the public in San Antonio?  
   -When I am writing my music it is as if I am purging an emotion. I attempt to couple that with vague enough lyrics that will give the listener a chance join in the moment. The perception of the song can be taken multiple ways by the people in San Antonio.  The response is the beautiful part of it all. 

What does your Soul ride on?  
   -My soul rides on the challenges of success and the maintenance of happiness. 

What are you currently grooving to? 
   -I am currently grooving to 311- Amber
Without Exception...our fellow rider of San Antonio has got the Soul the city can vibe to.

Adventure on peeps.
Jess B 

*John Moses' "Without Exceptions" is available worldwide and on Spotify*

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