Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Soul Story: B Cycle Leader Jacob

Bike share systems in cities all across the nation have become the greatest alternative transportation in downtown and growing suburban areas. It has created a new but nostalgic option for those who like to get to a destination and not hassle about parking or locking up their own bike and enjoying their merry way.

From east to west there are companies like Capital Bikeshare, and  CycleHop and in Texas there is B Cycle a great way to get around the sprawling city when you wanna take in the historic and classic sites like the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and new World Heritage appointed park  The  Missions trail. Now biking can be a crazy expensive sport, but with the great benefit of a nice workout and a community that fits all ages and levels. It is a wonderful way to get around and get your heart pumping with many miles rolling under your gears.

With Jacob, he is a leader and great bicycle enthusiast and athlete that has B Cycle giving him the chance to ride the great city of San Antonio. Jacob's Bike and Soul Story tells how he is racking up the miles around this great town.

How did you get to know about B-Cycle?

Ok I had try it out since 2012...and I loved it from 2013 and 2014 when I started serious riding. Over the past year I kept bike riding on Mission trails now in 2015. I have not stop yet on my B-Cycle bike rides. I love to be part of San Antonio's B-Cycle and helping out the Mission's tours.  
I get to show people what b cycle is like. Now as I am a B-Cycle staff, I keep the Mission's trails and B-Cycle station nice and clean. Going on my two years. I love it.

What is it like working for B-Cycle?

It's gives me something to do for San Antonio and love to work out and help out tours and all four missions of San Antonio, TX.

What are your favorite trails?
1. Bike from Southtown to the Zoo loop
2. Blue Star around Roosevelt
3. Missions Trail San Juan (especially when the sunset is happening)

What is your Soulful biking music?

Definitely Hip Hop and some Pop music

What do you like about biking in San Antonio?
It gives me a good body work out. I do not go gym. So I ride my B-Cycle all the time . The B-Cycle bike has a GPS that tracks how many miles you bike. lt let's me know how to get to downtown area and take VIA bus too all over SA.

You are the alternative transportation Master! Anything else you would like the people to know?

People love me a lot of ways I make people laugh and smile. Joy. That's what biking in San Antonio is for me to other people too.

A leader and a friend showing a great way to get around your favorite town. Make sure you say hello to our riding soul Jacob if you see him and cheer him on for more miles checking the streets and B-Cycle stations and keeping them ready for many more folks to come and join.

A great supporter of Bike & Soul andother great groups like TNBC and the Wild Dawgs rides. Jacob has shown us a great thing or two about riding safely and just as great as the pros on a B-Cycle bike in our neighborhood.

Join us on our next ride around the great San Antonio on September 18 at 7 pm themed sports style edition at Alamo Eats!

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