Thursday, October 15, 2015

Soul Story: Sam Morales Illuminating The Paintyard

Some folks may just like to stand back and observe the beauty that others have the talent to create. The explorers of the human race will find a way to be a part of that beauty.
And everyone is welcomed to move right along with them.

Explorers make their move to be a part of the picture that is willing to help provide the potential that people enjoy experiencing.

So much can be happening in a city that leaves so much possibility to explore for ourselves and be able to bring others we know, and do not know, to see with us. At some points we want to catch it all, but want to find the space that you can call your own.
Your own piece of beauty that is created by how you can best express. Hopefully, with the potential you require of yourself, others will soon too appreciate and accept who you are and what you would like to see preserved that is remarkable in your world that gives others permission to take part of.

Art can be translated into many forms that no one way is right. But all kinds of art are interpreted to expand our minds to sometimes other's meaning of life that we are allowed to take into our own.

Sam Morales of The Paintyard @ the Montana has this wild passion for street and painted art that shows in his dedication to the San Antonio community. Helping express the streets with colorful vibes and unsung artists that have crazy potential to rise.

What was it that made you fall head over heels for creativity?
Being able to create something beautiful and original for many to enjoy thru ingenuity and inspiration. 
How does the Paintyard make their mark on San Antonio?  What do you all do for the community?
Well, we give the youth of San Antonio  and many surrounding areas a safe and comfortable environment for them to express themselves creatively thru paint  making them better at their craft and hopefully keeping them off the streets on top of it .
What do you like to create?
I like to create practical things with plastics and of course good vibes wherever I go. But I also enjoy creating cool photography, music or painting. The warehouse is where I get zoned into creating a lot of good ideas for myself and what to improve next for my artists.
What does your soul vibe to (music wise) that makes you rise to light up in designing?
I really enjoy Chill-step. Since there are very few words it allows my mind to wander and be creative , plus it's just sounds cool.
San Antonio is growing and developing in so many ways.  What about your world keeps you here in the art scene?

All the new people old and young I'm meeting thru the arts and just learning from each other and growing .

What is the Paintyard community like?

Good vibes all around and creative flow. Very cool learning environment. Every artist shows me something new and bigger every time.  

When you bike around the city,  what do you see through your creative eyes?
 I see so much potential here in San Antonio and really enjoy the good weather and greenery around town. It's growing with cool undiscovered spots that make it great to ride. 
What inspires you to keep going in the artful realm?
The constant flow of good energy that's available all over the world instantly recognizable by creative people . The universal artistic language that is understood beyond borders.

When art is covered or so called offending what only one knows in the ways of his/her expression, community socials like Sam are pushing for them to keep creating. People like him are the reasons artists are encouraged to illuminate our illustrations beyond what words could ever say.

Join Sam and the Bike & Soul Crew with Tomboys&Mimosas on our illuminated ride thru San Antonio. Beginning at Alamo Eats the glow ride will be having a mid-route social at The Paintyard and rally at the Luminaria Event:

Shindig On.
by Tomboys and Mimosas 
The Paintyard Located at: 525 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX

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