Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shindig your Way

I know I know about a lot of events, fun shindigs by friends, and get down and happy with the best of them. Most times though I enjoy being the quiet one at these events and watch/listen to how people interact instead of being the life of the party. Now the whole introvert\extrovert personalities can come into effect of how you place yourself in public settings. But when going to an event that you know people are going to interact and want some kind of attention from you or many how do you keep yourself open but mysterious at the same time?

I say: “Shut. Up.”

2 words that will totally catch the bold and shock the reserved. You can gear up (or down) who is gonna be your cup of tea at your next shindig. Those who react like they are ‘oh so taken aback’ will be your conservatives and low key folks that have that cool conversation with you. Although they may ghost out and you will be left like Cinderella’s shoe on a drunken homecoming night. Speaking of which, when is it cool to ghost out of a party??? 
So don’t get your feelings hurt if these folks run out you like a bad ex-lover. Secondly, lol check this: 
Don’t worry you came to the party looking great and now you’re FABULOUS. Strut it and meet that someone new to spark your shindig experience.

So what about those that are like ‘Ha, hell yeah! I know right?!?’ and continue on when you say “Shut. Up.”??? Well, they are gonna take your shindig to another level you may or may not be ready for. In fact, they will keep you close like the conservative ones, but you may lose them in the crowd that will be fawning over them all night. They can be your networking wing-person and your crazy BF at the same time. Be warned though, these may be fast and confusing types of relationships that will leave you scratching your head. You won’t know if y’all are going steady or just a crush playing footsies like your middle school boyfriend/girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner.

How do I know??? Trust , as a person on both sides of the overactive and mundane spectrums and listening to more than sometimes what I can handle of people telling me their life stories…I have definitely experienced my share of all the above and been the person on the other side. Ask your friends, if you ain’t scared, what they think of you when y’all go out.  Get that inner reflection from a non-biased sort. I love asking off guard to pals and colleagues alike what I am doing to hinder or help a relationship. It is awesome to be able to improve positive in your ways. Or if you like being a rude son of a gun or an overachieving people pleaser, by all means DO YOU. No one should like you more than you.

There is so much that you can learn about yourself and others if YOU just shut up. So do it. Shut. Up. (I mean that in the nicest way)

Adventure on.


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