Friday, December 18, 2015

Embrace your era...The Brooklynite Experience

8:30pm- As I ask the mixing architect what to drink, the pleasant essence of revolution and freedom overcomes the scene. The lifting of Prohibition entices every spec of this classy vintage establishment and its decor. While the host of the Brooklynite showcases what he knows best, the humble and honesty to the craft brings solace to the end of a bustling day, yet lends feeling to the beginning of the best part of the day waiting to happen.

The crowd starts to fill as a legend prepares to give sound to what he does effortlessly.

9ish- A second cocktail is poured and the vibes draw higher as the element of lust and grace liven the joint with laughter, camaraderie, sensual draws and class of the unique only found here.
The premiere sight of pearls, gentlemen's hats, bow ties, and clinking of carefully crafted bevvies gives the longing to stay for more than just a sip. You want to actually be here. All should be here.

The crowd awakens as the  host cuts the music and the music begins. Jim Cullum.

THE Jim Cullum. The (happy) Jazz band.


The sound that not only promotes happy, but Jim catalyzes through my Southside cocktail. The feeling that I want more of with the fresh and invigorating taste. I want to go beyond exploration and hear more of what he has created with the times of Armstrong and pre-World War II. With humble and classic charm through sound and jolly, the exquisite room is roaring with delight and modern pleasure with swinging footsteps and que-meets of lovely new friends who have fallen in love here. As the -ish hour rolls on you await on the hopes of Jim to come back soon and round everyone once again into the rose colored feeling of time played through sounds of new and unknown tunes. But with no matter, all cannot help but enjoy the treasure that the night has lent to us to be a part of a musical institution's reverberation. A few, who are fortunate to get to admire personally the comfort and humble character of Mr. Cullum feel myriads more of being a part of this long awaited and whelming night.

What greatness it would be to one day BS with a legend, fill your peace with not only a place that raves a simplistic class...but allows you to feel as if you belong and wiser for choosing to stay.

The Brooklynite.

What a place. Where blues, jazz, and their relationship mean something beyond the sound. A taste, finesse, and poetry of essential craft defined by care and passion. A spot to relieve the mind to chat and learn the tastes of soul.

Give way to an experience with the key of soul & time to view what you really love about your heart as The Brooklynite brings creation of an era to love the creation of your own.

The Brooklynite
516 Brooklyn Ave
San Antonio, TX

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