Thursday, January 28, 2016

Soul Story: Yvette H.---Watermelon Rider

Now I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great men and women in while in Texas. But it is certainly wonderful when you get to meet a someone who is inspiring, welcoming, encouraging AND continues to grow and exemplify through many aspects and people throughout the community. A charging and awesome lady who is a concrete role model in the biking community has definitely proven that the power of connection and a kind heart lessen the degrees of separation and brings a growing community together through action and public works and dedication.

The ever growing and incredible group SATX Social Ride (formerly\widely aka San Antonio Tuesday Night Bike Club) hosts multiple weekly rides, informs folks about bike, community and safety when riding, and lends hand to great local charities. SATX Social Ride lends to rides of all levels on downtown routes, trails, and opens forums for others to ride and participate in many other big rides. Check below how the Watermelon Rider keeps it rolling in San Antonio.

What sparked your passion for biking? When did it begin?
On a more serious scale maybe three years ago, it no longer was just a pastime,  but a workout for our training.  Completing my very first Tour de Cure (36 miles) really inspired me to make and reach the next goal. Which was 65, then 100 miles.

How many miles a week do you average, and how do you encourage others to bike as well?
30 to 50 miles a week.  Facebook or text is my way to invite others to get out and ride! 

With the current campaign for “My 3 feet” what would you like to see this movement lead to?

Safer bike lanes more aware drivers and cyclists.

San Antonio is BOOMING with bicyclists and groups all over are making biking in the city known.  What does that make you feel to see such great power in numbers and what do you look forward to seeing in SATX in the near future as far as community participation?
It’s super exciting to see more bikes on the streets.  I would love to see protected bike lanes like in NYC and more signage.

What are you most memorable rides you have traveled on in Texas?
The Wildflower ride through our beautiful hill country.  My most difficult ride, but the scenery made it totally worthwhile.

What keeps/motivates you going when you give, bike, and promote your mission day in and day out?
The feeling of accomplishment after a ride.  It's also very motivating to see others excitement after their first ride.

You are in the masses and SA bike community, and it definitely has taken notice.  How do people know how to get involved and help encourage a better and safer bike atmosphere in San Antonio?
First of all lead by example. Become part of the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization- Alamo Area) and other community efforts.

What organizations that men, women, and children can get involved in San Antonio?

SATX Social Ride, Earn a Bike, Kidical Mass, Tomboy & Mimosas to name just a few.

   Must say I wouldn't be on these trails and biking happy if it weren't for Yvette. She has shown me and many others what fun goals and riding in the city is all about. Getting involved, enjoying every moment you can outdoors and welcoming others to join in is what it means to be a true model to experience a place like San Antonio is all about. Glad to know ya!

Look for the SATX Social Ride on Facebook and Instagram. Also check out Vegan in San Antonio and other great rides around SA from Murals Rides and the fun Wine and Cheese rides on the weekends! 

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