Friday, February 19, 2016

How much are excuses worth? (a Word to being a gazelle)


      Definitely learned a lot while dedicating incredible time to my sorority from then and even now. I was biased, but I truly appreciate what my sisters and brothers have (and still) taught me. One big thing was to make no excuses when you have the power to accomplish not settling in your OWN life. 
Life ain't for the weary and I advise you to learn a thing or two about enhancing life through something that empowers you EVERDAY. Cuz you gotta live, and not by the rules you bow down to that is run by definitions and categories of what you should be doing.

This is the quote us tough chicks learned:

"Excuses are the tools of the incompetent, used to build monuments of nothingness, and those who use them are seldom good at anything else."

So what is life worth to you and the people around you due to your excuse? Certainly they are not asking you to do a million dollar task that you cannot afford. You didn't think of trying out something new because of the thought process in not being able to do it. After you made that excuse did it feel good to get out of that oh so hard 'situation' while others get to move forward and you just wait around for the next bus going a moment later by yourself?
Get outta here!
Before you say anything, think before you react and say that you can. My cool yoga teacher says during practice, "Push to your edge.", and when you feel like coming out of it (position), hold on to the reason you brought yourself here and challenge against that resistant thought process and rise above it! You don't live to just die, you are living because you love being able to see tomorrow and what it can bring to you.

There are so many ways to find your 'edge' and battle through the excuses of 'not to' to exceling in what you know what you can do. Listen to others around you making excuses for not doing something and recognize how your thinking changes to go forth and conquer. Does that make the environment, or your confidence for asking them, feel better? Not saying you have to do things with people all the time, or go out everyday, but when you set a positive mindset for yourself, (even to only watch 2 episodes of "Friends' instead of 10) you feel like you have done better for yourself and that can lead examples for others. There is so much out here to explore, you gotta see what others are getting to see, meet, and achieve and create your own strong life purpose.

So instead of an excuse, make the investment to open your ideas and let 'em run wild.

Be a freaking Gazelle and RUN THIS!

Here's some stuff in anytime, anyplace around the world you can get into! (Just a few examples of each TO BOOST A BRAINSTORM ADVENTURE)

Find many different classes and experiences-
Free City fitness in parks-

Group Fun:
Indoor Kart racing- 
Drum Circles-
Festival Finder:

Date night: Make a bucket list and GET AWESOME!!!

Shindig on.


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