Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Soul Story: Rich Herrera, Beautiful Creative

“Beautiful, where to begin?”

That is all it took to be charmed by this creative human’s words.
It was just a simple few words that sparked this gentleman to speak so graciously about his charismatic doings in his city. How Rich takes on what he does is the like-mindedness that Soul Story looks for to keep discovering more like him, like her, like them.  He is a recruitment of finding the elements that enchant a successful life. While not impossible, Rich’s emphasis to why he does what he does opens the challenging platform of creativity to a bigger stage of exploring the confident mind.

Lol, who are you? (Always smiling)
Fundamentally I'm an egoless individual & the work I do is a challenge in its own at times to credit myself solely. Any accolades are earned through teamwork & selflessness. I couldn't have done any of this work without the amazing people around me.

I'm an advocate for course correction. Through mediums of expression whether poetry, song, dance, etc. we are able to bring attention to what matters from an inner perspective. Discussions can entail connecting issues from speaking on the failing educational or political systems, to the social economic disparities of modern artistry & the fine line that defines worth & value.

Recently, as the Creative Development Consultant at AV Expression in San Antonio. I've recruited a team working on an initiative to bring a multi-faceted & diverse arts community together. At first glance it doesn't seem physically possible, given the multitude of uncontrollable variables, but the outcry for a platform or conceptual idea to provide San Antonio, TX with a successful & unifying endeavor is one the people on our team knows is critical. The challenge is for us to incorporate all "5" Elements of hip-hop; primarily to allow a younger generation freedom of expression through their own mediums & art forms, be it traditional or abstract.

Creativity- Is Spiritual Freedom.
Passion- Is the secret ingredient & difference between hard work & natural talent.

What do you do to inspire your city?

I aim to inspire creativity & the possibility of a fruitful outcome by way of creative self-expression. I've encountered many artistic minds that fall victim to negativity or a pessimistic outlook when judging their own works. Focus and intentions matter when exerting creativity. It's always in your hands in regards to the interpretation of criticism.

 The most useful advice from my musical mentor Mr. Al Salinas--- "Always take things with a grain of salt. Never half ass anything in life." Together those two priceless pieces of advice have helped me keep an open mind & heart to criticism & self-accountability when starting a new work.  

Working closely with the AV8 Marketing / Dream Team, a think tank of powerful motivators focused on accomplishing a common selfless goal,  have developed an original concept that'll incorporate art forms such as Fashion Designers, Videographers, Photographers, Choreographers, Actors, Models, Producers, Glass Blowers, Computer Engineers, Builders, Composers, & Entrepreneurs Break dancers, Urban Artists, & Disk Jockeys alike.

We hold creative meetings weekly & encourage likeminded individuals to join us. We keep an open door policy, and are always open and accepting to new ideas.

Beautiful, what is that to you?
Beauty to me? Beauty is righteous, raw, real, and organic. Not fake, chemically modified, contoured, or judgmental. 

What memory has left the creative imprint on your heart?
Philosopher Alan Watts said "How could you know you're alive if you hadn't already once been dead? Death is but an undulation in consciousness…" Creatively these words left an imprint on the growing cycle of awareness & the evolution of a higher consciousness. Thus, introducing the differentiation between Material & Spiritual dimensions. 

What is you soulful playlist?
My soulful playlist musically:

Original works to Oldies from the 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's. To Mariachi music from the late 1800's on, and classical pieces from composers such as Beethoven up to Isaac Hayes, you name it; these sounds speak to my soul.

Now, why would you work so hard to do all you do?
The Creative mind is constant, as we autonomously wander about our lives there are times where we are briefly granted with notions and visions that obviously something's missing. Question is: Can you identify it? If so, how soon can you bring those notions to fruition?
We came up with the answer: Now. There is no other time except now. That's how we accomplish our goals realistically within our given timeframe.
Events, Ideas, Concepts, just imagine.

Well, I definitely see SATX ready to get on stage with you to find out.

Shindig on.

To Contact visit AV Expression at: www.avexpression.com or email avexpressioninfo@gmail.com

As of Summer of 2015, Rich has personally developed an inexpensive membership program at AV Expression that offers artistic services, classes, instruction, mentorship, & studio sessions. In specialty fields or trades that traditional education systems aren't offering classes or have been cutting funding for. Offering scholarships to artists they see would contribute to their main initiative. Be it any form of the arts, if deep down you want to learn, they will take the time to teach you, break it down, and strip away the "rocket science" feeling & start back at the basics. It is an artistic collective that is growing steadily day by day.
Recent artistic works of Rich Herrera, includes Theatre Arts (Chatos' Bridge - Coming 2016, Karma's a Bitch - 2015) Actor & Sound Design. (Rapid Eye Movement - 2016) Actor, Poet. Professional Mariachi, DJ, Recording Artist, Music Producer, Composer, Poet, Political Advocate & Private Lesson instructor. Also, a licensed insurance consultant in the state of Texas. (he is definitely multi-talented)

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