Thursday, April 7, 2016

Soul Story: Harol Avila: The Bold Agave Mentor- CEO & Founder of Sierra Vieja Tequila

Harol Avila: The Bold Mentor

Be Bold. Be Alive. Let the taste of happiness fill your life palettes with the craving to go farther than you have to go.

Rather than having a simple chat, Harol lent me the stories of his inspiration, love, and creation that have led to Sierra Vieja Tequila and his charitable lifestyle. Reminiscing with Harol contributed to the intensity of charging up deep seated memories that urged more than wanting to be a participant in conversation.  Our time at Co Lab was the beginning of getting to know how we want to encourage our lives. His words led to an opening of what is beyond what people know about him and into the romanticized experiences that have guided goals. Harol is a  man that is undeniably beyond the tequila that is growing among the tastes of fortunate explorers.

How do you feel living the way you do in this stage of your life?
Alive. More than I ever have than when working the typical corporate job life. The way I live now has brought me closer to real friends. Met a lot of acquaintances--- a lot.  But outside of all of the meetings, promoting, and unusual work schedule, I have been able to secure solid people in my life. I hang out with them more than my family as they have become that important to keep on this ride through business and hard work.

What or who is your inspiration?
My father. He is the reason and the purpose in which I am doing this and to give back to where I come from in Mexico. Though the tequila business can bring the wild party image and other views that it has tied to the culture of it, I have planned to do something better.  Tequila is a part of the memory of my family and cousins. It is a joke of my first taste and about where I come from. They are the reason in which I care about this and to bring whatever I do back to them.   

Define Tequila. Define Purpose.
Tequila: Hated as a kid. As in it (tequila) brought up an early memory of hitting puberty with cousins making fun, but it spoke tradition among us.
Purpose:  I have to do something bold to accomplish something farther than I have to go.

What do you believe to achieve with your Sierra Vieja Tequila business?
3 goals.
Why: To help my hometown. Send more than just money. How much does just money really lead to for the people? Money is not a mentor. So mentoring is a part of what I want to do to help my hometown.  We travel to Mexico with our donations for schools; these backpack trips to these dirt floor schools that need us. My hometown, and others like us, really can benefit from so little while they know that they can’t get but so much. They are truly grateful. They can see that there is more that they (especially children) can do.  
Children with school donations in Mexico
How can I do something great? I want to, I am, more than just promoting my tequila company. I want to cause awareness. Be greater than a product and be bold in giving more to people than just what I know I can give and explore that difference in other ways and be that new image.
All this hard work is happiness. That’s what life’s goal is and should be about when it comes to being able to live the way you want.  Achieve what you really enjoy and to do whatever it is that will give you that happiness daily.

First. Best. Last drink.
Shots of tequila. Amatitan Jalisco. Michelada.
First: Memory with family
Best:  Love of Titans. The romanticized Mexican tale of the 16th century that traveling explorers saw the native people as such “Titans” and fell in awe of them. The people, the reason, to establish the historic town in the idea of the grand people.
Last: I like drinking what I know about and how it can relate to people no matter what you do or do not know about the name of a drink.
I definitely am going to bring back a traditional Paloma that will bring that home piece into my creation.

How deep is your love for creation?
It’s deep. Deep like creating a weird egg sandwich and putting in strange ingredients to try something new for a new day. Discovering how I can do something different and be more playful. In fact, to spur an event, let’s put weird guys and girls in funky costumes. That’s key. Creativity. Not the typical.

“Soul in the Kitchen. Blues in the Living Room. Rock in the Bedroom.” –Gary Clark Jr.
What’s your poem for living?
 Live life boldly <BE Bold.>
Be smooth with your love.

Why are we here, your choice, in Co Lab? Why are you in San Antonio?  
We’re getting to know one another better in a place where friends are. Less distractions and focus on hearing one another and having a fun time. We are enjoying who each other are here.
San Antonio is home. No matter what I do, my mind is where my home is, and I have found home in this city. It is great to have a place like this for what I am doing. I could be anywhere else and be great, but I am being greater here with real friends and happiness.

Taste what this man is living. From hometown memories to defining boldness that rises to the top of life. Harol has found a way to honor happiness. Like a historic unveiling, discover what a good conversation with heart can serve you.

Seek out Sierra Vieja at spots like the JW Marriott and Halcyon in Southtown and of course even more locations and fine stores around the city. Thanks to Co Lab for hosting in their open artists’ loft on Alamo and 8th streets.

Salut & Shindig On.

Tasting presentation @ Richter&Colt Wrangler Reveal
Sierra Vieja Tequila:

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