Friday, July 31, 2015

Belly Happiness Trail

If you are human, animal, or alien you like to eat one way or another. My buddies and I certainly like to adventure wherever the food is popping (occasionally healthy) with classy bevvies to boot. So recently, since we were on break from Grocery Adventures, we trekked the downtown area of San Antonio. Though a heat box while riding and rolling, we hit the city.

Here we go:

Just hop in your AC car or take into consideration of the environment and ride a bike to these spots. All are very close to each other and worth the social ride on a nice day. (not like the 100 degree day we did, whoa) We hopped on our B-cycle banana seats and rolled over to Alamo Beer company on Lamar and got some awesome hospitality with neato pints and great entertainment with board games and witty conversation (the games are hilarious).

As we thought our regular spot to the Pearl would suffice, we gasp at the relief at a cool biker joint at the Alamo Ice House. They had some really good apps and choices of cold cold cold bevs that certainly led to fancy conversation of how to stand up to the man. Yup, we got a good dose of "What you tell that Big Sir" to go sip on while you set the Man straight. Once again very hilarious.

As it was getting ridonkulously hot, that even a mule would kick our butts for being outside in the middle of the day, we biked homeward. Beading up sweat the size of the baseballs and seeking our cold break again we Epiphany the idea of our Icee Major. That would feed our fix. So after our "MAN" talk we race to Big Daddy's by Cevallos.

Talk. About. Major. Ice heaven. (check out photos) this was the papa of all icees if I ever seen. And ones with pickles (yes, you see correct), cucumbers, strawberry, coconut, and gummie bears! This place knows how to do CHILL.

The day was still young, and we were still feigning for super relief, so because we live in a city where there are cool spots on every corner on our way home, we stop again. And the spot was: The House. I cannot explain more than to give them their own feature on here because they are the coolest of cool.

But before I go and you need some places for the weekend to chill, Go to The House Boozy Ice Cream and Bar. One of the many great new businesses to hit the South Alamo stretch. I have been working on this feature for a while because they are truly a family with awesome work and connection values and a great vibe to the city. Check them out.

Back to our riding:
To wrap up our night we get so fresh and so clean for some food trucks, more quirky glasses and new friends along the way. we travel back to Alamo Beer because they are cool for skool and have a lil bit of brew talk with the peeps there and order some crazy tastes from The Box Street Social food truck and order pork BBQ stuffed avocado and a burger with mac n cheese and pork. Just brilliant.
 Shout out as well goes to Big Hops on N Alamo and the food truck of dynomite BLT with apple-wood smoked bacon and cheese galore by food truck Say She Ate and duck fat fries...ommmmmmnononononononononoom

And we attacked National Cheesecake Day.

Next up: The House
After that: White Elefant performance at the Alamo Lounge

SATX you rock. And we are still rolling...

Adventure on folks.


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