Friday, July 17, 2015

The Groove of Bike and Soul

Passion is why I do this. Go places and challenge my environment, people around me and the next day to be better and exciting. It is incredible what just "Hey. How are you?" can have on someone. You may not have thought that someone walking up to you and asking whats going on with you may matter but it does. And getting to know folks here in Texas has been nothing short of amazing. 

The person I got to know, through his awesome chica Valerie, is Matt Vasquez and the Soul Spot Crew at Tuckers. They are the real Soul for tonight's Bike and Soul Event in Downtown San Antonio. Hosted by yours truly, I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate with DJs and riders with the passion they hold to keep wheels up and rolling in SATX.

So, I asked how Matt was doing...and see his Soul Story:
How did you start in this DJ game? Once upon a time…
  I started DJing at Tuckers Kozy Korner on Thursday nights in 2012. Having been influenced by JJ Lopez, Founder of “The Soul Spot” and DJ at Trinity Jazz Radio Station KRTU 91.7 FM. The very first time I went to Tuckers was on a Friday night in the summer of 2010, having been invited by a friend. JJ Lopez was there spinning Disco, Soul, and Funk vinyl classics during the very beginning of “The Soul Spot”. From that point on I decided I wanted to share music with others and start DJing. 
What song/melody/mix/artist made you decide, “Music is what I must live through?”
                             The Artist known as James Yancey AKA J Dilla probably influenced me most in music. The “Art Of Sampling” was very interesting to me when I first stumbled upon it and J Dilla was one of the very best in that aspect. Something about the way he put his beats together gave it this very unique dynamic in sound.
1 If there were 3 songs to describe your music story, what would they be?
     1. Tom Browne - Funkin' for Jamaica. I don’t think this “Soul Spot” staple has ever had the dance floor empty. This is also a song that JJ Lopez played, that I knew and loved, the very first time I went to Tuckers. I couldn’t have been happier.
2. The Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (The Ummah Remix) w/ Heavy Jay Dee aka J Dilla production along with the rest of the Ummah production crew. It has such a warm, smooth, chest thumping rhythm that just makes you want to groove... and never disappoints upon repetitive listening.
3. Minnie Ripperton – Inside My Love. This tune resonates with me deeply as it reminds me of when I first met my girlfriend. 

 It’s just perfect.
Certainly is. 
Come out tonight and every 1st and 3rd Friday at Tuckers on Houston St  for Soul Spot in Downtown San Antonio at the Soul Spot. The best hidden jam spot with great people, vibes and changing the music scene one groove at a time. The passion of Texas from gearing up with our cycling crew to keeping the dance floor packed at vintage spots, is happening and growing. This city is going to be beyond out of this world before you know it. I would love to see you out there and being a part of it. 

Adventure on.

Special Thanks to Bike World, The Rivard Report, mySA, Downtown Highlife Bicycle Club, Blue Star Bike Shop, The House (boozy ice cream), Tucker's Kozy Korner, The Soul Spot DJs, and all the great bicycle peeps of San Antonio. Yall have been awesome! Much luv

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